Security Doors

Revolving doors, portals and turnstiles are designed and tailored to meet the most stringent of security demands. Boon Edam, Tomsed and Safesec have all joined under the Boon Edam Tomsed banner to simplify the selection process.

Security doors come in many types and are designed to keep non-authorized visitors from entering sensitive areas, allowing access to employees and other authorized personnel, such as vendors and service techs.

Let our experienced staff help you to choose the right solution for ensuring that the most critical areas of your facility remains off-limits to those who are not authorized for access. Call us at 1-800-776-7122 for answers to your questions or contact us below.

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  • Tourlock Security Revolvers - Fast conveyance of restricted traffic. Deft handling of near simultaneous, 2-way traffic.
  • Circlelock and Tap100-250 Security Portals - High security booths which ensure user safety while maintaining building/area security:
    • Available in full and half portal designs.
    • Inner and outer doors are interlocked creating an aura of reassurance for all users.
  • Security Turnstiles maximize pedestrian volume while restricting building area access.
  • Full integration with current on-site security service providers.
  • Compatible with card reader, keypad, and various biometrics activation.
  • Speed lanes eliminate tailgating with its high-density array of sensors, ensuring a negligible false alarm rate even in the busiest of lobbies.

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