Revolving Doors: Automatic - Manual

Energy savings and a reduction of air intrusion are the (2) most widely discussed reasons for consideration of a Boon Edam automatic revolving door. The obvious financial benefits as well as maintaining a consistent environment for patrons, customers, and employees support this. Increasingly, the aesthetics of this "Signature Point" of entry and the Boon Edam availability of larger sizes to accommodate "special-needs" users have expanded the range of buildings experiencing the many benefits of revolving doors.

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  • Positive seal against the elements
  • Large diameter, fully automatic
  • Field programmable to adjust for changing needs
  • Wheelchair, gurney accommodations
  • Proven, reliable safe operation
  • Manual - 2-wing, 3-wing, 4-wing
  • Security models for restricting entry
  • Wisconsin installations available for your personal review

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