ICU Manual Sliding Doors

Healthcare demands for patient treatment, recovery, and isolation rooms continue to evolve. A critical component to room design is the manual slide/breakout ICU door. Designed to maximize visibility, minimize hallway or room intrusions typical to swing doors, and provide easy access for staff and patients, the ICU system is often the perfect answer to challenging design/usage criteria.

ICU manual sliding doors by Stanley Access Technologies are made of broad glass panels, allowing full view even when the doors are shut. These doors are called for where comfort, safety, and the patient’s health are paramount. Convenience and dependability are the hallmarks of these doors, where reliable function is critical to everyday operation of intensive care, cardiac units, waiting rooms, and more.

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  • Sliding operation with "break-out or break-in" capabilities
  • Code compliant and fully certified for Healthcare
  • Single, bi-part and telescopic
  • Smoke barrier latch/seal kit for suite applications
  • Trackless or track
  • Unique Stanley "no-drop" panel design on breakout protects floors against markings and make reset easy
  • Custom sizes and finishes
  • Negative pressure seal package
  • Provides the industries largest clear door opening width on trackless packages

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